Why We Serve?

At St. Andrew's we believe that God is on mission to “put the world to rights.” As a church we participate in that mission as we are transformed by the gospel, and empowered by the Spirit to bring gospel renewal to all spheres of life. Practically this means that as a church we are intentional about loving our city--seeking the common good--and proclaiming, through word and deed, the transforming story of Jesus Christ. 


Ways to Serve

Farmers Market.jpg

Farmer's Market

On select Saturdays during the spring, summer and fall, St. Andrew's has a booth at the Farmers Branch Farmers Market. Join us as we serve fair trade coffee and handmade African goods which support charities in Uganda. For more information, please contact Father Alex.

Austin Street Center.jpg

Austin Street CENTER

One of the ways we serve the common good at St. Andrew's is by feeding homeless men and women once a month at Austin Street Center, a shelter that provides the basic needs to Dallas's most vulnerable. We meet at the church on the second Sunday of each month at 4:00pm to drive to the shelter. For more information, please contact Carol Gogates.


Brotherhood of St. Andrew's

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew's is an international men’s ministry to men and boys in the Anglican/Episcopal Church. The mission of the Brotherhood is to bring men and boys into the deepest possible relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, by living a life committed to prayer, study, and service. Our local chapter meets in the chapel on the fourth Sunday of the month following the service. For more information, please contact Horace Blake.


Music Ministry & Worship

Do you love to worship? Then consider participating in one of our worship ministries. If you like to sing, or if you play a musical instrument, then contact our organist and choirmaster. If you would like to participate in the liturgy, then consider becoming an Acolyte. Or, if you want to work "behind the scenes" to support the worship, then consider joining the Altar Guild.